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Document Management System (DMS)

Document management system (DMS) is an electronic tool that allows you to track and manage documents - across work groups or the entire enterprise, depending on your specific requirements

The document management solutions enable companies to effectively manage their documents – created/updated by different people at different times – through a single common platform that is both secure and user-friendly. The application allows unrestricted document sharing and free interaction among users through message boards/e-mail.


This software provides  to :

•         manage the database

•         search within the db files

•         check in check out ,version control

•         access by date wise, size of data files

•         access file search by between date

•         contact us

 •        Authentication allows to access control and provides security.

•         Technology used

 Technology overview:

•       platforms: windows XP

•       Database: SQL SERVER 2005

•      Technology: C#


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