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Major global industry are gazing at the local market in India and landing. This expansion is creating an opportunity for Indian offshore companies and component makers.

To meet the constantly changing demands of various services, we focus on increasing our services by developing new products, expand into new markets, and enhance customer service and satisfactions

EPO analysts believe India is fast rising as engineering and design services are outsourced to India. These include control system design, embedded development, system design, simulation, testing devices, support software, traffic management systems, and composite structuring.

In this process we are happy to announce that we are interested in taking other engineering services besides pure IT based projects. This helps us to meet the customers’ changing requirements, and to support company acquisitions, consolidations, and joint ventures.We offer services in Planning, design, development, evaluation and operation of electrical principles, models and processes.

We offer engineering services to various sectors of shipping, aerospace and transport industries. Our engineering services in various electrical engineering and information technological areas, are often a combination of domain expertise, software tools and our mastery in the design / process specific analysis tools.

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